Ranches - Farms - Estancias Who does not know of the image presented by the cattle herds on the savannah? Paraguay is the country with the gauchos riding their horses, amidst large herds of cattle. Our ranches are a living tradition of the country, with a touch of adventure and freedom.


2.800 hectarias reforestation plantation with briquetting factory – 1.200 ha full grown Eucalyptos ready to cut

Ubication: The plantation is ubicated in the south part of Paraguay in the department “Neembucu” belonging to the district “San Juan Bautista”. .

The anual rainfalls and his soil caused that this zone in the last years has been very liked by Investors in the reforestation business.

The factory is equipied with everything necesary for a modern production of Eb coal conglomerate brick form. .

1.200 hectarias are reforsted with 12 years old Eucalyptos trees whichones can be cut when ever you want..

The plantation and his factory including all stuff is rated by 11,5 Million US$.

Price: : 8.500.000,- US$ (8,5 Million US$) + 5 % finders fee + notary costs

-Exeptional object! ! - 14 hectaraes privat living and/or touristsparadise complex on a hill top (300 m.o.M) – beside on Cordillera – Paraguari – fully furnisched an fix clients


This property is already a jewel because of his unique ubication like it would be imposible to find it again in the whole country. The complex is 14 hectareas tall and was built on a hill top whichone allows an breathtaking panorama view in all 4 sky directions. This is joining a tropical paradise fauna and a lot of different kind of planted fruit trees and nature forest.

The departamento capitol “Paraguari” is straight downhill in only 1 Km distance! The property has easy going by any weather because it is only 500 m far from the asfaltet main route and from there goes a good made cobbeld street straight to the property until the top (from the property border to the top this street is private road and was made by the owners). In the town Paraguari you will find any kind of Stores, Supermarkets, daily Markets, Restaurants and Banks etc..
Also importand is the good infrastructure at the health care sector who offers the old colonial town today. Besides 1 good stuffed privat Hospital, differents private medical consultorium and Laboratories is there also the state district Hospital of the department Paraguari.
The surroundings of Paraguari are offering a lot of varied worth seeing values attractions for tourists as for residents too. The private adventure national park “Mbatovi” with his international famous adventure tours is only a 10 Km and only one of the attratctions and there are more like the oldest trainstation from southamerika and his repair garages in “Sapucai” (25 Km) or the world famous and declared to world culture heritage Franciscan Church in “Yaguaron” (10 Km). And in the last years the hills in the surrounding became famous in the world by the paragliding sector because his special thermals by tropical weather and location which brings them there all over the year.


The complex is designed that a owner can live there in the big principal house by totally privacy even if there are clients/guests because the house counts with own big area with garden, pool etc. – everything is well separated. Thats why the complex can be keep used as a tourist place or only as private place.


Buildings and Installations:
- principal house with look out tower and terrace (built at the highest point of the property, 360 grades panorama view) 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, kitchen, big living and dining room with panorama view, airconditions, garden terrace in front, outdoor roofed terrace for BBQ

- big social kitchen building with dinning place
- big social kitchen building with roofed terrace beside the public pool
- Bungalow complex with 5 suits with bedroom, kitchen, bathroom – totally furnisched and also aircondition, roof vent, Tv
- 2 floor meeting building, 1st floor with big meeting room for big groups – especially from the spiritually sector, downstairs on the building sides 12 bedrooms – 6 each side, 2 bathrooms
- group sleephouse for 20 people
- administrators house at the mainentrance of the complex
- children’s playground
- multiusing sportsplace (Basketball, Handball, Football)
- big gras footballplace
- internal ways
- seighseeing platform
- several seat groups with tabel at diferent places of the complex
- planted fruit trees
- planted tropical garden
- guest’s pool
- private cobbled street
- camping area



- deep wells (180 m)
- state conection of electric energy of 1 and 3 phase
- separate land of 0,5 hectareas at the properties border especially for orchards or a small field

The complex is full working and has since a lot of years many regular guests, most of them are religios groups or private colleges from Paraguay, Brasil or Argentina. But there are also a lot of private tourists who appreciate the quiteness and the beautyness of the place.

The place also would be excellent to be converted in a high class Restaurant!

The complex counts with all legal authority permissons to work as a tourist place whichone will be transfered to a new owner.


Price: 450.000,- US$ + 5 % finders fee + notary costs




-New - 6.000 hectarea full built cattle ranch in the Chaco over main route “transchaco” with creek and airplane strip

Ubication: The property is ubicated in the Chaco Paraguay over the main route “Transchaco” about 28 Km pased the village “Pozo Colorado”. The size of the ranch is 6.000 hectareas and is already equipped with everything necesary for a succesfull cattle growing.

The creek “Mborevi” is crossing the property and garantizes water all over the year. The electric energie conexion is made by state company “ANDE”. The surface of the ranch is divided as follow:

- 1.600 ha planted grases of Gatton Panic, Estrella and Tanzania
- 2.400 ha palmgrove with natural gras “Clavel”
- 2.000 ha natural forrest

The ranch also counts with the following buildings and installations:
- owners house with 4 rooms, 1 room in suite with own bathroom, any room is with aircondition
- quincho (roofed BBQ place) for 100 persons, totally close with class walls, fully furnished
- workers house
- 3 retreats at the willows
- coral with gates for to vascinate and weigh, roofed scale and operation house, place for 1.200 animals
- 2 cisterns for 35.000 ltrs. each with electric pump and elevated tank of 5.000 ltrs. to distribute the house area
- airplane strip of 1.100 m lengh
- 25 Km internal routes high embankment
- perimetric fences 64 Km
- internal fences 90 Km

Price: 1.200,- US$ each hectarea + 5 % finders fee + notary costs

-New - 696 hectarea full built cattle ranch with 2 rivers and natural lagoon in Horqueta/Concepción

Ubication: The property is ubicated in the north of Paraguay at the Department Concepción only 8 Km far from the main route nr. V and only 41 Km from the town Horqueta. From the main route to the farm it is easy going by a very well ripped sandroute usable by any weather.

The surrounding naborhood is built by middle and big size cattle ranches (full working) which is representing a big security advantage – its an absolutly safe aerea.

The river Aquidaban runs in the north part of the ranch over 4 Km over the property and the stream Acapitigio springing at the property finish there. An importan natural lagoon with a size of 8 – 10 ha represent an aditional big sweet water reserv.

The farm counts with the following installations:


- owners house: 2 bedrooms in suite with own bathroom each, dinning and living room, kitchen, big roofed terrace 65 m2

- house for the forman and administration stuff: 120 m2, 4 rooms, roofed terrace 60 m2 - workers house with big galery

- roofed BBQ fireplace

- workers bathroom

- 2 outskill retreats

- various roofed barns

- gernerator house

- mashine shed

- sanitation house

- coral with gate to vaccinate and weigh, 5 sidings with animal pier rampembarcadero p/animales

- collective corals and sheds for 1.000 animals

- 1 deep wells (95 m) with elevated tank 1.000 ltr.

- 2 simple wells



- 23 built soaks 1.000 m3 each

- 23 separated willow diferent sizes

- private acces road well done + 8 Km internal roads

- state electricity with own 25 KVA transformater

- 540 hectareas with planted grases (diferent kinds)

- 12 ha planted with Camerun and Elefantgras and sugar cane as food reserve

- feeding and salting places distributed strategical in case of necesary


Observation: the property is in a ubication not submersible!

Price: 4.200,- US$ each hectarea + 5 % finders fee + notary costs



---New---60.000 hectares full built cattle ranch in the Chaco Paraguay with airstrip

Ubication: in the Department Alto Paraguay a 380 Km far from the german Mennonite Town “Filadelfia” in the area Agua Dulce 40 Km east from there.

Surface: total 64.000 ha, 61.900 ha are totally titulated (owner title) and 2.100 ha are already required by the state Institute INDERT.

Roads: 40 Km Sand route from Agua Dulce to the gate of the property, built by the owner. Other 33 Km internal route from the gate to the base of the ranch. Another 21 Km route to the north and 150 Km route perimetral which one is able to be used by heavy trucks.

Infrastructure: in the base are built 10 different buildings as follow:

2 similar houses with 2 rooms, 1 living room, kitchen, bathroom each and also each house have 3 air conditions. The office have a radio station with the frequenzes HF, VHF and satellite internet.

1 canteen building with big dinning room, bathroom and 2 bedrooms for the cookie and the base former.

1 roofed BBQ Place 8 x 12 m

1 workers house with 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and frontal hall.

1 closed built warehouse 20 x 40 m with 3 big gates

1 half open warehouse 15 x 30 m for machines and material

1 open warehouse 15 x 20 m as Gas deposit with high tanks of 30.000 litres, 16.000 liters and 10.000 liters and a petrol pump for charching.

1 garage building 10 x 15 m.

1 Generator house with 3 generators of 65 KVA, 45 KVA and 18 KVA

Other built installations:

1 cistern of 300.000 Ltr. (70 % sub terrain) to capture rain water

2 high tanks 30.000 ltr. each (5 m high over a concrete base)

1 closed and fenced chicken coop 8 x 12 m

1 coral preparation 350 x 25 m for sheep's

airstrip: 1.200 m length with 150 m reserve at each

principal coral: place for 8.000 cattle's to weigh and vaccinate

willows and coral: 60 willows and 12 coral

built soaks: 3 soaks 40.000 m3 each, 2 soaks 35.000 m3 each, 1 soak 30.000 m3 and 1 with 27.000 m3.

other water reservoirs and animal soaks: the ranch has 2 water storages with 1.000.000 ltr. to refill the australian pond and another one is in construction. Any willow of 100 ha size has in the centre a soak with 20.000 ltrs. .

water pipes: 20 Km of water pipes

planted grasses: Gatton Panic, Tanzania, Mombasa, Sudan and Masai.

Machines: 1 Tractor Valtra 1280, 1 Tractor Valtra 125, 1 Tractor Massey Ferguson 275, 2 4 x 4 Pickup’s Toyota Hillux Diesel, year:2001 (both), 1 Truck Ford Cargo year: 2009 12 tons and his trailer, extra equipment for the Tractors and 3 cistern trailer of: 16.000 ltr., 10.000 ltr. and 5.000 ltr..

The Ranch is already counting with a clearing plan approved by authorities over 27.000 hectares – actually 10.000 ha are cleared and developed. The Ranch will be sold without animals! but all buildings, installations, machines, vehicles, equipments and regulatory Approvals are included.

Preis : :36.000.000 US$ (36 Millionen $) plus 5% finder’s fee and Notary costs



---New--- Macadamia nuts farm 18 hectareas in Caraguatay/Cordillera with 2 hectareas old nature forest and fruit trees

Ubication: The farm is only 2 Km far from the center of the old colonial village “Caraguatay” where you still can find nice old colonial houses from the 18th century. The national park “vapor cue” over the river “Yhaguy” is only 4 Km far from there where you can visit a couple of War boats from the “triple alianza” War in 1869. The distance to the capitol Asuncion is only 96 Km and arrivable quickly and confable by asphalt routs. The infrastructure and financial standing of the village is pretty good because almost all people there are having relativs living in USA which one are sending them money from there. A lot of them invested it to run a business like small supermarkets, general stores, restaurants etc. etc. and there is also a big and modern Gas Station. The naborhood and surrounds was very required by german spoken immigrants in the last years, most of them are running small farms of different kinds. The road to the farm is 1 Km stone paved and 1 Km sand road.

Farm: Farm was build 13 years ago as an experiment project to find out which kind of macadamia trees will grow up here and which one will be the best in production. This fase tooks a couple of years, that fore today there are still 4 ha planted with fully productive trees highly professional made. All trees are etiquetted and are clons from “champion trees” (highest production) . 2 more ha are already planted with growing trees of this “champion trees” and in march 2013 two more ha will be planted with them (even if the property is sold! because the preparations for this are already running). Than there will be 8 ha planted but the capacity and structure of the property allows to plant 8 ha more, so at least there can be 16 ha planted of macadamia! The general preparation for that are already done, a connected water line underground with outgoings every 100 m is crossing the whole property! There is also a part of professional tree growing and selling to clients all over the country.

Buildings and Installations: principal house (simple) and workers house (simple) copy built in rustical colonial style, artesian well with drinkable water (120 m deep), big water tank, some machines to proceed the nuts for sale, internal ways around the fences usable by vehicle, electric energy connection.

Price : 199.500 ,- US$ plus 5% finder’s fee and Notary costs